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Choosing the right white for your home can be one of the toughest design decisions you will make in your building journey! I have already outlined some of my favourite whites in this blog post, but one particular white I wanted to share with you is Casper White Quarter. We have used it throughout our Coastal Luxury Apartment, and I am still so in love with the finish of it. Here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast we are blessed with an abundance of natural light, and this white really enhances the light in a home. Clean and crisp, it is soft and dreamy with just a tint of yellow to keep it from becoming too cool. Casper White Quarter is like a fluffy cloud on a clear Spring Day; uplifting, dreamy and ethereal.
Casper White Quarter
Soft and dreamy but at same time crisp and clean, Casper White Quarter gives a heavenly effect. It pairs well with both warm and cool furniture, flooring and accessories.
Casper White Quarter
We used it on the walls, skirting boards, architraves and Easycraft VJ Panel. Using the same colour on walls and trims is more contemporary way to apply paint, and unifies the room.
Casper White Quarter
The custom two pack cabinetry was also painted in Casper White Quarter. Matching the undertones of the splashback tiles and stone (Caesarstone ‘Snow’) with¬† to the paint ensured a clean and cohesive finish.
Mooloolaba Interior Designer
The pastel blues, greens and greys in the bedroom work beautifully with the soft Casper White Quarter.
Essentially, finding the right white is all about the undertones, the style of home you have, the amount of natural light you have, and your flooring choice. If you need any help, engaging with a Qualified Interior Designer will ensure you create a strong foundation of colours and finishes.
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