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So, you’re partly through the process of building or renovating your Sunshine Coast home and the topic of Floor To Ceiling tiling comes up. Eeek-Another design decision! Don’t stress, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of floor to ceiling tiling so you can decide how best to tile your bathrooms.

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Enhances Ceiling Height. Floor to ceiling or, FTC tiling, is great for those looking for an upmarket finish in their bathrooms. By tiling all the way to the ceiling, you will bring the eye right to the top line of the room which creates the illusion of height and space, great for a smaller room like a bathroom. This application is great if you have 2700mm high ceilings as it further maximizes your amazingly high ceiling, but is has the same effect on standard height ceilings such as 2400mm.

Suits a contemporary aesthetic. If your style is modern, contemporary or luxurious, FTC tiling will achieve this look. The repetition of a beautiful, large format tile right to the ceiling has a real wow factor, which can be as understated or as bold as you like. The sleek, seamless contemporary look characterized by clean lines, floating vanities, rectified edge tiles all work harmoniously with floor to ceiling tiles.

Maximises a beautiful large tile. once you’ve found the PERFECT tile for your project, whether it’s a veined marble tile, an understated textured tile, by repeating it up the entire wall you’ll maximise it’s pattern, colour and therefore impact. For only a relatively small cost in the scale of your entire home, you’ll get the enjoy the effect of your beautiful tile.

Maximises a beautiful small tile. There are so many stunning small format tiles, from penny rounds, kit kats and zellige. Similarly to the last point, by repeating your small tile en masse, it amplifies the effect. There is something striking and timeless about an entire feature wall in gorgeous honed marble tiles applied Floor To Ceiling.

Ease of cleaning. By tiling Floor to ceiling, you’ll have either zero plasterboard or a small amount of cornice depending on whether you do square set ceilings or not. Keeping your bathroom clean is a breeze with more tile and less plaster.. Simply wiping down tiles with a soft damp cloth ensures your surfaces are mess and mould-free, unlike plasterboard which can harbour mould growth over time. Plus, the appearance of semi-gloss tiles with a slight reflective sheen cannot be underestimated! Semi-gloss wall tiles simply LOOK cleaner, plus reflect more light around your bathroom, which can be a lifesaver for those looking for a low-maintenance and high-performing bathroom. Top Tip: In general, a high-gloss tile on the walls will give the illusion of a sparkling clean bathroom. However, I highly discourage high gloss tiles on the floor or high-gloss on bathroom walls in a dark colour as both of these applications will show every hair, smear and streak.

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Extra labour cost. If your project is a renovation, there is extra cost as your builder will have to remove the cornice to create square-set ceilings. If it’s a new build, there’s still extra care involved as your ceilings need to be completely squared off for a flush finish. You can tile Floor to Ceiling to cornice, however I believe this application does not achieve a high-end and seamless effect.
Not suited to a traditional style. If your home is a charming Queenslander, country cottage or similar, you may not require Floor To Ceiling tiles to create a showstopping bathroom. The overall style of this type of home may lend itself to more of a charming or beautiful herringbone tile to only the splashback, shower, floor and skirting tiles.  By keeping your wet area tiles to a tone similar to your wall colour, this can be an inexpensive way to compromise on your tiling and looks just as beautiful as FTC.
Not best for the budget-conscious. If you’re trying to keep within an allocated budget for your project, it might be best to simply tile your flooring, 150mm skirting and wet areas. Particularly in a WC or small powder room, FTC tiling can be irrelevant and a waste of money that you could be putting towards something else in your project. This look works best in a large bathroom, so if you don’t have generous proportions in the first place, you may be better off splurging elsewhere. Another consideration is to simply tile floor to ceiling on your feature wall which might be the wall behind the bath, or the wall visible from the doorway, and utilize wet area-only tiling throughout the rest of your space.


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Essentially, there are many options when it comes to tiling, and there is no right or wrong approach. As a Sunshine Coast Interior Designer, I love helping people enhance their projects with my Colour & Finish Selections and my interior design services. For those who are working through their selection process with their builder or DIYer, my advice would be talk to your builder and your tiler, and take into consideration your interior style, your budget and the overall desired effect, and you’ll generally discover how best to tile your wet area’s.

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