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Standard Measurements You Need To Know For Your Building Project

The best homes are those that not only look beautiful, but also function well as practical spaces. A beautiful flow and feel can be achieved by ensuring you adhere to several key Australian Standard measurements throughout your build. Let’s discuss several key measurements you need to know and nail when designing your ultimate dream home.

Sunshine Coast Coastal Kitchen Interior Design

Benchtop height. In Australia, our Standard Benchtop height is 900mm. Depending on the stature of the clients, this height can fluctuate between 850-1050mm.

Splashback height. Your splashback tile or stone will ideally be 600mm tall. The minimum splashback height is 450mm.

Kitchen benchtop depth. The depth of your benchtop to the wall should be 600mm.

Overhead cabinetry. Your overhead cabinetry should be 300mm to nicely complement the scale of the lower benchtops.

Stone thickness. The standard thickness of stone is 20mm. I like to suggest to clients to upgrade their kitchen stone thickness to 40mm, and keep the butlers and wet area stone to 20mm. The scale of 40mm stone has a certain sense of establishment to it that feels anchored and luxurious.

Kitchen island bench. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for an Island, the depth will want to be between 900mm and1200mm. This allows for an overhang of 300mm to tuck your stools beneath. As for the length of your Island, 2400mm is fairly standard but this can go up to 3m+! Bare in mind the slab size of your stone, as this can determine whether you’ll have a join line.

Kickboards. The recommended height of kickboards is150mm. I like to keep to this dimension for the wet area skirting tile height, not only for cohesion but to prevent the room from feeling boxed in, or like you’re standing in a box.

Walkways. The minimum width in Australia of hallways and walkways is 1000mm, but the ideal width is 1200mm. In a galley-style kitchen layout, 1200mm is the perfect measurement from one side to the other, any narrower than this and the space becomes too tight with multiple people opening drawers etc, and any wider and the distance becomes impractical.

Door width. The most common standard door width in cm in Australia is 820mm, but ready-to-hang doors are available in a range of standard widths.

Sunshine Coast Interior Designer Home Builder Renovation Builder

Standard measurements are fantastic guidelines to follow for a harmonious home with a good, functional flow and feel. My Sunshine Coast Interior Design clients enjoy optimized outcomes for their homes as we take Australian standard measurements into consideration, as well as a host of other components such as orientation, furniture and styling, and even houseplants to enhance their home. Get in touch if you would like custom Interior Design with Coco Interiors, or you can browse our done-for-you Finish Schedules :)

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