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Why A Finish Schedule is So Important For Your Project

When undertaking a building project, there are several handy spreadsheets, documents and tools that can be utilised to create a structured and organise build process. One of these is a Finish Schedule, which is basically a fancy way of saying ‘Itemised List of Selected Finishes’. Building a house without one is like flying blind. A comprehensive Finish Schedule¬†will have a room-by room analysis of the location, direction, lay pattern, code, and colour of every item, so your builder and all tradespeople can see at a glance where and how they are installing their commodities. A Finish Schedule can be a life-saving and integral tool that ensures your project is a success! Let’s discuss three ways a Finish Schedule can enhance your new build or renovation.
Coastal Luxe Finish Schedule
Less room for error
As any tradesperson will tell you, good documentation and communication is key to a seamless build. By having clear, concise direction from the onset of the build, a Finish Schedule will save your trades from inconvenient and costly installation errors such as tiling being laid the wrong direction or lay pattern, or wall sconces installed to the incorrect rooms. Although these mistakes will be rectified, the process of this adds time and inconvenience to your build time, which can incur cost in other ways. A Finish Schedule with clear communication and instruction will lessen the risk for error.
Colour Schemes Finish Schedule Sunshine Coast Interior Designer
Adds Cohesion to your design selections.
When your Finish Schedule includes an image of each and every one of your design selections (like ours does!) you’re able to see at-a-glance how all your finishes work together harmoniously, similarly to a moodboard. This can reassuring throughout your build journey, when the self-doubt kicks in halfway through the build! You’ll be able to refer back to your Finish Schedule and be confident in your design decisions.
Mooloolaba Maroochydore Interior Design
Ensures A Fixed Price Contract
By selecting all of your interior and exterior colour and finish selections up front, and documenting in a Finish Schedule before your start your project, your builder will know exactly what to price and source for your project. This means no variation costs and a guaranteed fixed price for your project, allowing you to relax throughout the build knowing your budget has been met. Another benefit of starting your project with a Finish Schedule is that your builder can order and organise lead times on certain items well in advance, meaning less hold-ups throughout the build. This facilitates a better outcome for you, your builder and your home itself, with the planning and detail from the Finish Schedule contributing to the success of your project. 
Sophie Hendry Sunshine Coast Interior Designer Coco Interiors toasting with cocktails

Essentially, a Finish Schedule is a vital addition to any build, renovation or design project. Transparency, detail and communication are all key components of a Finish Schedule, and your project will be elevated by utilizing one. You’ll be able to have a beer or champagne with your building team at project completion to the successful outcome of your dream home. Cheers!

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